Be the Person Who Does the Things that Yield the Consequences You Prefer

Have, Do, Be Invites Suffering

Lack of resources is a common and convenient excuse for disappointing circumstances.


Once I have the resources I believe I need ...


... then I will be able to do what I need to do ...


... to feel fulfilled, happy, and grateful for my circumstances.

This mindset is the cause of disappointing circumstances.

This mindset perpetuates suffering and undermines a person's potential, which may be very real.

Consider this instead ...

Be, Do, Have Invites Abundance


  1. Authentic and grateful to be who you are.
  2. Present with yourself and your circumstances.
    1. Invest the same time, energy and effort you usually put into dissociating, escaping, ignoring, or denying ...
    2. ... into ...
      1. Empathizing with yourself and others.
      2. Acknowledging your circumstances and your experience of those circumstances.
        1. Give yourself permission to experience, and release all of the emotions that you've been either managing or suppressing. Allow them to flow through you and back out into the universe where they can serve someone else. They're just energy (emotion = energy in motion). They're heavy when we hold on to them but light when we let them go. It's healthy to let them go. Give yourself permission to let them flow through you.
        2. Give yourself permission to release all of the "shoulds" and expectations that haunt your mind. The "shoulds" aren't real and many of the expectations aren't yours. We keep them around to help us feel small and safe. We hoard them because they're familiar, not because they serve us. Give yourself permission to let them go.
      3. Embracing accountability for your experience, your circumstances, and the experience of the people around you.
      4. Taking responsibility
        1. This opens the door to the circumstances you would prefer.
  3. Grateful for the many lessons being offered to you by your circumstances.
  4. Decisive.
    1. Your circumstances will not change until you change.
    2. You must become the person you believe you would prefer to be.
    3. Your circumstances will eventually catch up with your decision.
      1. So choose honestly and with intention.
  5. Courageous enough to allow yourself to experience the fear and discomfort that accompanies change.
  6. Bold when it suits you. Other people will have opinions. But only you are accountable for your decisions. Everyone else will be fine. ... Yes, they will.
  7. Playful.
    1. You are making mistakes now and will make more in the future. Accept this.
    2. Decide to enjoy the process. The lessons you learn along the way will be worth it. Your future self will be grateful.


Do what that person does.

    1. A strong person lifts heavy things.
    2. A smart person reads, listens, and considers unfamiliar and sometimes challenging ideas.
    3. A caring person empathizes.
    4. Whatever you decide you are, do what that person would do.


  1. The universe offers karma on it's own time and in it's own way.
  2. Trust the universe to provide and it will.
    1. Doubt the universe and it won't.
  3. Focus 100% of your heart and mind on what you are being and doing.
    1. Everything else is none of your business.


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