Sometimes I take an honest look at my life and find that I don’t really like what I see. I take time to recognize and appreciate the good things around me. Then I look at what I want to change. But sometimes, after thinking through how to improve my situation, I am unable to see any good options at all. I feel stuck.

There are different reasons for it. Sometimes I over analyze. Sometimes I revert to bad habits. I know the way forward involves taking action. But it just isn’t clear which action to take.

Action always trumps complacency. Here’s what I do to get unstuck.

I embrace patience.
I take time to assess the value that I attribute to aspects of my life. Being stuck is part of the process. I let the tide go out while preparing for the next big wave.

I refresh and re-commit to my priorities.
There are some things that I’m willing to risk. And there are others that I will protect at any cost. I look to focus on something that is meaningful enough to keep and yet not so essential that the risk of losing it would paralyze me with fear.

I measure the stakes.
What and how much am I willing to invest in a better future now? What and how much am I willing to lose?

I find my center.
I may or may not be successful in my efforts. I center myself to protect my true north from the outcome of my efforts, good or bad. What I do doesn’t define who I am.

I cultivate vision.
What will the journey look like from where I am to where I want to be? It’s not enough to simply imagine the destination. When the end-goal is my only reference point the ups-and downs along the way will all seem wrong. When I envision the journey the ups-and downs become milestones on the way to my goal.

I cultivate a sense of urgency.
The rest of the world won’t wait for me to figure things out. Opportunities pass me by when I’m either unwilling or unable to grab hold. I prime myself to take action. I quiet the fear of missing out.

I step away.
A watched pot never boils, as the saying goes. I hand my mental matrix off to my sub-conscious to identify and internalize my plan for action.

I set a timeline.
Committing to taking a first step by a certain date creates a natural sense of urgency. I have learned to see deadlines as opportunities to succeed.

I lean in.
In the 3 seconds before I walk up to the pretty girl I feel a heavy feeling in my chest. I embrace this feeling. I lean into it. It’s the feeling of doing something worth doing.

I take action.
Taking action builds confidence. Being decisive and taking action when I say I will develops trust in myself to do the right thing in the face of future opportunity.

I follow through.
I put one foot in front the other until I achieve my goal or learn that something doesn’t work. Either way, I win.

I keep an open mind.
As Mike Tyson said: “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” I adapt and evolve to stay in the game.

I hope this was helpful to you. Now get after it!


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